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Updated July 3rd, 2020, at 11 PM CT

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We'll see you when it's safe.

We will remain closed as health experts learn more on how COVID-19 affects animals.

All services are unavailable for booking until further notice.

Merchandise orders may be slightly delayed due to shipment restrictions in select areas.

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Forget tips.

Tipping is an outdated custom that consumers and employees both hate. JServices is leading the way for a tip-free industry moving forward.

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We're not here for a paycheck.

We're here to help.



We keep your information private and safe.

Your privacy is serious, and it's a serious priority for us. Your information is never sold, or shared with anyone but us, and we protect your general information.

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10% of our revenue per calendar year goes to back to communities and causes that matter.

We're making quality pet care accessible to all.

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