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Pet Services are unavailable as experts learn more about how COVID-19 affects animals.


Pay less for your favorite pet services. Based on internal research, we beat our biggest competitors' prices by 20-50%!²





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JServices Values

Pet care is broken


We love our pets, and every year we spend more and more. In the US alone, we're nearing over 100 billion in annual spending.³ As the industry grows, pet care has become more confusing and inaccessible. In 2016, we set out to change that. To this day, our core principles and values remain the same. Low prices for you, and only the best for your pets. It's simple. It's time to rethink pet care.


At JServices, we're taking steps to reduce waste and minimize our carbon emissions.


JServices is proud to be a industry leader in employee pay and satisfaction.

JServices For Good

10% of our yearly revenue goes to causes that matter to us here at JServices.

¹ Based on the Google Reviews star rating of pet care services available in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Research conducted in November 2020.

² Based on internal research conducted of pet services available in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Research conducted in October 2019.

³ This figure may be inaccurate or outdated.



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