Rethinking pet care

We love our pets, and our spending data shows it. In the US alone, we're nearing over 100 billion in annual spending.¹ While we want the best for our pets, the financial obligations can make pet parenthood inaccessible or unsustainable for many. Spending on vet visits, medications, and our pets' favorite products can add up quickly. We think that this is unacceptable. Everyone deserves a fair chance to be a pet parent. At JServices, we're reimagining what pet care looks like today. We working towards making pet care more rewarding, for all.

It's all made possible by our amazing team. High quality pet care shouldn't ever come at a human cost. We're proud to be an industry leader in pay, and employee satisfaction, based on internal research.

We also achieve industry leading pay for our services employees as well, without the need for tips.

¹ This figure may be moderately inaccurate or outdated.