Environment and Sustainability

Our Commitment

At JServices, we're striving for a better world everyday. This includes caring for our environment. We strive to work with partners that have existing commitments to protecting the environment, and ensuring our own services operations has little to no impact on the environment. While we aren't perfect, we're proud of our relationships with responsible partners and our own progress on improving the sustainability of our own operations.

Our workplace is designed to be as environmentally efficient as possible. This means that all communications from us are purely digital, and we have no company office space.​

JServices Merchandise is produced, packaged, and shipped responsibly. For more information about Merchandise and Sustainability, please refer to a specific product page.

We work to efficiently carpool to your location to complete pet services.

JServices Pet Waste Pickup bags are retrieved from outside sources. Our team works to repurpose plastic bags that we collect from day-to-day life and we repurpose them into bags used for Pet Waste Pickup.

Notable partners keeping JServices.co sustainable

Square helps us provide a smooth payments and booking experience for you. Unfortunately, Square has yet to release any information on their environmental impact.

JServices.co runs partly with Amazon Web Services. Amazon reached about 50% renewable energy usage back in 2018. Amazon hopes to use 100% renewable energy by 2025.

JServices.co may contain content hosted by Google. Google uses 100% renewable energy to provide its services.