Environment and Sustainability

We've achieved 100% carbon neutrality.

Everything from our website to our poop bags is done with the environment in mind.

Booking a service?

JServices.co's data centers run exclusively on renewable energy.

Waiting for us to arrive?

We efficiently carpool to your home without putting an extra car on the road.

Getting poop picked up?

All pet poop is picked up in bags that are being reused from another source.

Paying for your service?

We've partnered with Square to bring you the best payments experience with e-receipts.

Buying JServices Merchandise?

We work with partners that package and ship responsibly.

Giving a JServices Gift Card?

JServices Gift Cards are sold and sent 100% electronically.

By supporting brands like JServices you show you care.

The majority of carbon emissions come from large corporations, not you.

By not supporting them, you're voting with your wallet.

We're all in this together.







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