For Good

Every calendar year, we donate 10% of our revenue to notable organizations doing great work with animals, and in our communities. 

2021 Year End Results
JServices Stands with Ukraine 🇺🇦
$33.50 + processing fees has been donated to UNICEF

This amount is based on our total amount of revenue in 2021.

Emergency Response Made on May 18th, 2021
$25 donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians

Emergency Response Made on March 19th, 2021
$25 donated to Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta


2021 was a transformational period for everyone. We are happy to be able to promote issues and contribute to causes such as the ones shown here.


What a year. We were glad to donate to causes that made it not as bad.

2020 Year End Results
$30.50 donated to OKC Animal Welfare

Animal shelters have done incredible work during COVID-19 and we're proud to support Oklahoma City's own animal welfare division. This amount is lower than expected due to our temporary closure during the year.

Emergency Response Made on June 4th, 2020
50% of our Q1 and then current Q2 revenues were donated to the Black Lives Matter Oklahoma City chapter.

On May 28th, 2020, we made a small change to the For Good program.

All donations made will now be for all revenues during a specific time period instead of that period's profits. This change was made to reflect potential losses as we expand, and to enable emergency response contributions.

Emergency Response Made on May 28th, 2020

25% of our Q1 and then current Q2 profits were donated to the official George Floyd memorial fund.

2019 Year End Results
$30.16 USD ($42 AUD) donated to the Australian Red Cross for bush fire relief.


2018 Year End Results

$25 donated to Choctaw Middle School via DonorsChoose