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Privacy. In and out.

Since the beginning, JServices has been all about putting control in the hands of pet parents. We look to provide meaningful tools, that keep your family's data safe, secure, and private. We try to provide as much control as possible, so you don't have to hand over data you may not want to. It's important to us that you understand how we use your data, and how you can keep it yours as you use our products.

Privacy by design.


The less data we store in the first place, the better.



Your data is kept secure in as few places as possible, behind strong security.



We strive to be as open and honest about how we collect and use your data.

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It's your data. You deserve to have a say in how we collect and use it.

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Full Policy

Full Privacy Policy for JServices Online Products

Last updated October 18th, 2020

This privacy policy describes how JServices and its partners collect and use your data.

JServices and its partners do not collect any information from you by simply visiting

We identify you when you book using your phone number and/or your email address. We use this to determine your eligibility for any offers we will apply, such as the first service free promotion. This information is only used for JServices, and is never sold, or shared with a 3rd party. We keep this information on file for payments to prevent fraudulent charges.

Our payments processor, Square, collects a small amount of information about you to prevent fraud. Details like your payment card details, device information, or other identity verification may be used. This information must legally be collected. Once a valid transaction is processed, Square removes most of your information. A small transaction history may be kept to comply with local law. For more information, please read Square's privacy policy for non-account holders, here.

We use your name and in certain circumstances, your pet's diet information (used for Pet + House sitting) for service personalization. This information is kept on file, so it does not need to be reshared.

Your home address information is not kept on file, and is kept for a short amount of time to complete your request. Any information you share about in-home access is never kept.

Excluding Square, JServices never has and never will sell, or share your information with a 3rd party.

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