Pet Services are only available in select markets.

Available in the Oklahoma City metro

Zip codes 73150, 73020, 73165, 73110, 73066

Pet services from JServices

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Bookings & Privacy

Why we collect your data and how it's used

We use to your email to share non-urgent updates, to send service invoices, and to confirm bookings.

We need your home address to know where to complete the service.

We need your phone number in case we need to urgently contact you, and to identify you if you contact us. Our bookings software also uses it to identify you to securely sign in.

In addition, some details may be collected about the device you use to prevent fraud.

Your payment or gift card numbers are needed to prevent fraud and to pay for the service. These details will be needed later. Apple Pay and Google Pay are offered to protect your information. If you use Apple Pay or Google Pay, your device location may be shared with us to prevent fraud.


Your special instructions are used to complete the service to your liking.

Your name is used to personalize the service to your liking.

For more information, visit our privacy policy below.