Pet wellness made easy.

Go All In.

$15 a month

Peace of mind. At last.

Keep your pets safe with $15,000 in annual health coverage.

Simple Claims

Visit your vet as normal. Submit your invoice. Get reimbursed.

All your pets are covered

Additional pets? You'll get $5,000 per every one of your pets, included in your membership.

No compromises

Claim your coverage anytime.

Prescription Coverage

Costly pet prescriptions are covered.

Plus, get it fulfilled via JServices, and it won't count towards your annual coverage.

We stand for a fair and simple insurance experience.

Any pet. Young or old. Pre-existing conditions or not. You're covered.

Pets must be registered to be eligible for coverage.

Everyone pays the same price. We'll never, ever punish you for using benefits you're already paying for.

All In is built for you. Claim your coverage at anytime. We won't ever restrict you.

We're working to make the subscription model work. You can choose to delay charges to avoid issues.

We'll prioritize your financial wellbeing. Access $1,000 of coverage instantly when needed.

Cancel anytime. No questions asked. It's that easy.

Enjoy JServices' suite of wellness products and services.

Enjoy the full JServices Wellness content library ad-free.

Wellness Products are included - plus get refills.

Get started

All In is only available via a waitlist. Sign up and we'll let you know when we have capacity for you in the future.