Pet wellness made easy.

Go All In.

$15 a month


Get peace of mind with $10,000 in annual health coverage for your pets.

The limit is subject to change based on use. For example, if you need more than $10,000 in a year, we'll gladly sort out a custom arrangement. You'll always have a minimum of $10,000 available.

Wellness Library

Enjoy the full JServices Wellness content library ad-free.


Chat with a vet about a burning question 24/7 with no limits.

Simple Claims

Visit your vet as normal. Submit your invoice. Get reimbursed.

Protection for all your pets

Additional pets? You'll get $5,000 pet extra pet included in your membership.

No compromises

Claim your coverage as many times as you want throughout the year. 

Prescription Coverage

Costly pet prescriptions are covered.

Plus, get it fulfilled via JServices, and it won't count towards your $10,000 annual coverage.

Wellness Products

Enjoy JServices' suite of wellness products included in your membership.

Easy Billing

We believe in ease of billing and use. Choose your monthly billing dates to avoid surprise charges.

Cancel Anytime

Not interested anymore? We got it. Cancel anytime. No questions asked.

Get started

All In is difficult to scale, and is only available via a waitlist. Sign up and we'll let you know if we have capacity for you in the future.