We provide clear information about how our different products and services protect your privacy, protect the environment, provide a healthy work environment for our team, and how we ensure our products are accessible to everyone. As you browse JServices.co, look for labels at the bottom of the page to learn more about how that product attains to our values.

Our team
High quality pet care shouldn't ever come at a human cost. We're proud to be an industry leader in pay, and employee satisfaction, based on internal research. We achieve industry leading pay, without the need for tips.

Accessibility at JServices

Accessibility is a guiding principle at JServices. We work to make sure that all of our products and services are accessible to everyone. We are proud of our progress so far, but we still have more to do, and we're always working towards that.

Our commitment to the environment

Companies, including JServices, have an obligation to take steps towards making sure their operations aren't hurting the environment we all share. We only work with partners that have existing commitments to protecting the environment, and we ensure that our own operations has little to no impact on the environment. While we aren't perfect, we're proud of our relationships with responsible partners and our own progress on improving the sustainability of our own operations.